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by Antonia Douglas


Technology in Education  
Hybrid Digital Portfolio
By Antonia Douglas
1/20/23 artifact #2

I am following educational insights on instagram and came across an geosafari telescope for kids, it has games, science activities and quizzes to test your skills, oh and it's very fun

1/26/23 Artifact #3

This week I will be writing about alphabet bean bags, which is a unique way of learning. On educational insights they showed the bean bags separated in three categories: straight letters , curved letters and letters containing both. I think this is a good, fun way to teach the alphabet and also allow them to learn how each letter looks.
Artifact 1 unit 4

This week educational insights are focusing on valentine day learning activities, they are introducing playfoam heart shaped objects for sensory play in the classroom. Students love anything that can change while in their hand, these will be great for in class or at home.

Artifact unit 5

This week I wanted to dive into using technology in childcare centers for our younger students.
 I read about a good way childcare centers can include technology in the classroom. Including I pads for the children to explore and play games helps them become familiar with technology
Creating digital books or watching videos online all plays apart in using technology.
Children interact with anything fun so that's a plus, technology allows teachers to be creative as much as possible.


Artifact unit 6

Let the child pick the book week
Students are able to pick their own read aloud books, searching and finding them on their own for the teacher to read to the class, i found this idea so awesome because it helps the students build that teacher relationship bond and helps them engage more in the classroom too.

unit 7
My first site ed insights did not have too much i can talk about now, i thought it was a daily blog Instagram account but they do not post as much. So I did some research again and found this awesome site called teacher tube similar to you tube but it's for teachers to post lessons they have recorded or to talk about topics and ideas you can even go live and interact with other teachers. I plan to keep checking the teacher tube every week for more insights.