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all about just cause 3

by isaac is sus 11 barron


all about just cause 3
the game starts off with you on a mission and you have to blow up planes and then your plane blows up so you use your parachute to get to Mario and you guys fight other people and you guys win and you have a grappler to use to get to him then you get to do stuff on your own and you can go do mission and one of them gives you paraglider and you can leliberate or beat other places to make it your own. their are Different versions that you can add on to make it more fun there is one that lets you have a meck and one that your paraglider has rockets and a booster and a Machine gun . there is one that you get a gun that lets you summon lightning and Destroy every thing you can see and there are these things called mods the let your wepends your cars you like every thing there is one thing I forgot there is a boat that goes very fast and it has missiles and a gun
this is the wingsuit/paraglider.
there will be pics on the next few lines.
this is one of the mechs the mech
this is a place to libaret
this is the boat