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6 forms of energy

by Nathan Fleischman


My ways to use energy Everday
Mechanical energy
Today I woke up and it was a weekend. So, I decided to ride my bike in the morning around my Neiborhood.
On my way to my house on the bike ride I see my neighbor kicking a kickball with his friends. These actions are all apart of mechanical energy.
Sound energy
After my kickball game with my friends, I went and played my clarinet. I played my clarinet until my mom told me to stop.
After I was done playing the clarinet, I heired the tornado sirens go off. It was echoing the whole city.
Thermal energy
So, I hurried and went to the toaster because I left my phone behind it. I accidently touched my hand on the toaster, and it was steaming hot.
Me and my family went outside to look at the tornado. It was very hot though and the sun was almost blinding us because how hot it is.
Electrical energy
The tornado was very far away anyway so it luckily didn't hit us. So, I just put my phone on the charger and went to sleep.
When I arose from my nap, I took my phone off the charger and got ready for dinner with my mom. We went out to eat and while I was brushing my teeth my mom's curling iron was there plugged into the wall and it almost burned me.
Light energy
I was all done getting ready and I went into my room. I turned on the light and one of the bulbs was burnt out.
I hurried and changed the light bulb and left. But before we went to dinner, I had a doctor's checkup. They made me get an x ray.