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A set of short crime stories

by Vaida Mickienė


Crime stories

by my awesome students of the year 2020
Pasirinkau šį įrankį, nes su mokiniais dažnai atliekame kūrybinius darbus. Šį kartą įkėliau kelias mokinių sukurtas istorijas apie nusikaltimus. Prieš ketverius metus mokiniai ne tik rašė istorijas, bet ir jas iliustravo savo piešiniais. Šiandien jų kūryba galėtų būti sudėta į vieną elektroninę knygą ir būtų gražus atsiminimas apie bendrą klasės kūrybinį darbą. Tikrai pasinaudosiu šia programa ir jau rudenį su mokiniais kažką įdomaus sukursime.

Su meile,
mokytoja Vaida
by Lukrecija IIIe

Samantha and Lucas were watching TV as they did every single Friday. Their parents had gone on a trip and left the house two hours ago. Mom said they would be back on Monday morning. It was around 2 a.m. when the twins decided to go to sleep, but suddenly they heard somebody knocking on their door.
‘That’s strange.’ thought Samantha. ‘There’s no way mom has left the keys at home.’ she thought again.
‘Wait!’ Samantha shouted quietly. ‘What if…’ But Lucas was already unlocking the door.
A formidable silhouette appeared quickly. Samantha almost jumped out of her skin when she saw the man aggressively walking into their house holding a gun.
‘You have ten minutes to bring me all of the money in this house.’ He told dreadfully. Samantha and Lucas were already terrified and distraught, but now they completely froze. It became clear that the man had no time for playing games when he pointed his gun at the ceiling and shot, their scream went after.
‘Are you deaf or do you want to be dead?’ he shouted. ‘Actually, wait! I’ve got a better idea. Let’s go together, you’ll show me.’ The man didn’t seem to be joking at all, so the kids lead him to the second floor.
Neither Samantha nor Lucas knew where their parents were keeping money. Quickly they reached parents’ room and Lucas took Samantha’s hand. It was the first place that came to their minds. When they walked in a light breeze touched them. Samantha and Lucas shivered. The window was widely open since dad had forgotten to close it. They had only one choice left.
‘Don’t look down.’ Whispered Lucas and they jumped.
The Mask
by Evelina IIIe

'Sometimes even salt looks like sugar.'
It was a regular Monday morning in Manhattan and I was on my way to the office. Manhattan is always very crowded on Monday mornings but I like that feeling when you can stop, buy yourself a cup of coffee and start a new week. It wouldn't look suspicious if you came to work and saw your colleagues discussing something. But I knew that something was wrong because I am an FBI agent and our team has discussions like that only if there are some new crimes. Of course, I was right. My colleague, Amanda Spencer, who was young but very talented in investigating crimes, explained me what had happened and showed the photos of the crime place. It was a third time when an identical crime was committed - three men were killed one after another and each of them was 28 years old and worked in a bank. An interesting detail of the crime was that a criminal left a white masquerade mask behind every body. Our team made no bones about that these crimes had been committed for some reasons and immediately took the initiative to start the work.
It was a difficult day for our team so everybody went home very tired. Only Amanda and me left at the office. Amanda didn't go home for some important reasons. A few years ago somebody killed her boyfriend in New York streets. They had to get married in a few months so it was very emotionally breaking life situation to her. I stayed with her and tried to find some important details and motives of the crime. Usually, Amanda was cold with other men because it was too hard to overcome that situation with her boyfriend to her but I really liked Amanda and often tried to show this to her. That night I offered to bring her home and she agreed what was surprisingly to me. When we came near her house, she said that she was very grateful that I act with her very nice and she suddenly kissed me.
This was very strange thing because Amanda never ever showed any emotions to me. I offered her to go to my home but she wanted to sleep in her home. I gave her keys from my flat and said that she could come whenever she feels bad or just wants to talk with somebody. She smiled, left the car and went home. I went home, too. When I came back, I was so tired that I even didn't notice when I fell asleep on the sofa.
I heard my phone ringing and I opened my eyes. I understood that I couldn't move. I was paralysed and I saw a terrible view in front of me - it was The Mask. Probably, The Mask injected me with some drugs and they paralysed me. It said if I liked the last day of my life because I would die soon. It turned on strange music and started telling terrifying stories about men torturing and life meaning. It took a knife, came very close to me and told that I would die. It took off that mask and I was completely shocked! It was a nice woman that I liked - Amanda Spencer. She acted like a crazy person. Then I understood that all that time she was manipulating my emotions and wanted to kill me because she was really mentally ill. At that moment, I thought that maybe her boyfriend haad been killed by her, too. When Amanda was ready to kill me, somebody shot Amanda. It was my brother Mike and my friend Ryan who both were FBI agents, too. They quickly called for our team and for the police. Everybody was shocked that such a good person, as she seemed to look like, could do such terrible things. I was very shocked in this situation but I was very happy that I saved my skin. The police immediately went to Amanda's house to check if no more victims were there. That what they saw was even more shocking than everything what had happened that day. They found the real Amanda injured and tied up and she explained that she had a twin sister Jennifer, who she hadn’t been in touch with for many years. After their parents’ death her sister became mad and started doing terrible things. She envied her sister everything and didn't want to communicate with her. Amanda hadn’t heard about her for many years and couldn't find her sister. It is a terrible story because the real reason of these three crimes is revenge to her sister for a good life. Jennifer killed Amanda's boyfriend, then she killed three random people to distract attention and finally to kill Amanda's new love when nobody thinks about it. Fortunately, Amanda and I weren't very injured but Amanda had a long way to overcome new terrible truths in her life. They are twins but even though they look very beautiful and identical one of them was devil...

by Barbora IIId

John Heartington, a stalwart,32-year-old man, found an empty train carriage and sat there. He was going home for Christmas holidays. It was snowing outside, everything seemed so peaceful. The train began to run, and John finally felt happy.
Suddenly someone knocked and without permission came into the carriage. John raised his head from the book and saw a man. The man was good-looking and seemed similar age as John, but then John saw a ring with a small ruby and all got clear.
-       Is that you, John? - asked the man.
-       Yes, my name is John. Do I know you?
-       It’s me, Harry Goldberg. We studied together in Mister Geller’s class about fifteen years ago, until you’ve been…
-       Until I have been expelled, yes, I remember you. – said John a bit harshly.
-       I’m sorry for asking, but why did they kick you out?
-       Well, they accused me of stealing from Mister Geller. I tried to defend myself, but a true offender was good at hiding his tracks. And I was a bit naughty then so I was indicted and expelled.
-       You were the naughtiest, but, also, smartest in our class. - said Harry with a grain of envy in his voice – So what are you doing now?
-       Well, all those fifteen years I have been working really hard and recently I have opened my own restaurant.
-       Congratulations, you are so lucky, John!
-       And what are you doing now? Do you live in London? – said John.
-       Oh… I’m still working in that newspaper. I was visiting my friend in London and now I am going to work.