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Compost book #2

by Luca, Dinanya, Joey


Composting for kids
by:Luca,Joey and Dinanya
what is composting?
Composting is when we make food scraps into soil to help new plants grow.
Layers of a compost bin
The compost bin has 6 layers.
The frist layer is brown layer.
The second layer is green layer.
The therd layer is brown layer .
The forth layer is green layer .
The fifth layer is brown layer .
The last layer is brown sticks.
What should we add and what should we never add to our compost bins
We should add apple cores to our compost bins
We never add bones to compost bin.
we should add lettuce to our compost bins
How composting helps our environment
1. We eat fresh yummy food
2. Then we put our food scraps into a special bin called a compost bin.
3. It makes rich soil to make new and fresh food.
4. The cycle starts again.
Now you have all the information you need to make your own compost bin