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by Joanne Davison


We are the
Reid Street
Speech Bubble
Every year, new RotaKids are voted in to represent their class. Individual pupils put themselves forward for this highly regarded role and, through presentations and speeches, convince their class mates to vote for them. Two children from each class are selected.

The RotaKids meet every week with Mrs Davison to discuss ways to improve the lives of the pupils of Reid Street, their families, the local community and the world! The children bring the suggestions and ideas of their peers and engage in a range of debates, discussions and planning sessions at the meetings.

Mr Little from the local Rotary club attends some meetings too. Our RotaKids can gain a valuable experience in helping others and learning interesting, new things. It is also a way to boost to their confidence and self-esteem and develop an understanding of how their actions can impact on others.
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