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Billy the kid

by Peyton Spurgin

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table of contents
~billys childhood/early teens pages 2-6
~Early life pages 6-10
~Crime capture Pages 10-14
~ short documentary of Billy’s life page 15
~ Billy’s death pages 16-18
~Work cited pages 19-20
Page 1
Billy was brought into being on November 23, 1859. He was born in the Irish slums of New York City. Most information about Billy’s early childhood is unacquainted. He originally was Born with the name Henry McCarty. His father was Patrick Mcarty and his mother was Catherine Devine.
Page 2
After Billy’s father had passed away; His mother moved herself and the children to Colorado where she eventually remarried. After remarrying the family once again moved arriving in New Mexico. Unfortunately Billy’s mother passed away when billy became 15. Billy was sent to a boys home where he started roaming around New Mexico often with gangs.
Page 3
Billy committed his first known crime on September 23, 1875. The kid was arrested for stealing a basket of laundry from a laundromat with a friend from the group home. The kid later escaped jail after being arrested and wandered around western America.
Page 4
Billy continued to associate with the wrong groups, falling into thievery and lawfulness. Billy’s crimes continued to get worse.
Page 5
Starting with thievery and leading to murder. On December, 1880, billy stood Trial for murder. Billy was eventually sentenced to be hanged
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