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My Beebot Journey

by Hannah Kate Fitzsimons


My Beebot journey
By Hannah Fitzsimons
This is Beebot !
After some trial and error, I figured out how to control the Beebot.
The go button starts the Beebot's code.
The left and right arrows turn the Beebot around.
The pause button can make the Beebot pause in the middle of the code.
The 'X' button resets the code.
The front arrow causes the Beebot to move forward.
Next, I coded Beebot to go on some journeys around the farm !
Firstly, I decided I wanted to take my Beebot to the vegetable garden. Then I had to figure out the correct code to use to get my Beebot to this destination (Beebot did end up in the lake a few times!). Next, I pressed the specific buttons required to complete my code.
After I took my Beebot all around the farm, I wondered what else I could do with Beebot.
I could use Beebot to teach children about coding.