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by Yazzi, Nate, Max, Imran


By Izan, Makaya, Ian, and Dori
There are two thousand kinds of snakes in the world.
Snakes have scales they have many different colors.
Some snakes have fangs.
Physical Characteristics of Snakes
Behavior of Snakes
Snakes lay eggs.
Baby snakes don't stay with their mom.
Snakes use their fangs to protect themselves.
Snakes are carnivores.
Classification of Snakes
Snakes are reptiles because they lay eggs.
Reptiles have scales and are cold-blooded.
Life Cycle of Snakes
Some snakes start out in an egg.
Some snakes come out of their mom.
Snake babies look like their moms.
Adult snakes can eat things whole.
Habitat for Snakes
Snakes live in caves or logs or hills.
Snakes in deserts. It is dry.
Snakes live all over the world.