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The waste crisis
The movie "Trashed" brings attention to the global waste crisis and its health implications. This movie brings viewers on a journey throughout different countries examining the waste management and their consenquences.

The interviews with the experts and the visits across various locations including Iceland, Lebanon, Vietnam, and the United States, the documentary exposes extent of the waste problem.
It also highlights alarming levels of pollution caused by irresponsible waste disposal methods like landfilling and burning the waste.
The film emphasizes that incineration and other practices as such, not only harm the environment but also pose significant risks to human health.
It sheds light on the consequences of irresponsible waste disposal and the destructive effects it has on the planet.
"Trashed" also explores the challenges associated with recycling and exposes the defects of the actual systems. It raises questions about the effectiveness and sustainability of recycling efforts, insisting viewers to consider the true impact of their actions.
Incinerator called "Thune" in Iceland
"2.7 kilos of trash is cleared from global shorelines in a single day"
Throughout the documentary, examples of innovative waste management solutions and recycling initiatives are showcased. These initiatives demonstrate that alternatives do exist and provide hope for a more sustainable future.
The film represents a motivation for all individuals and governments to take responsibility for their waste and make changes in waste management activities. It tries to make a more efficient economy, where waste is minimized, resources are conserved and recycling is prioritized.
Recycle Central in San Francisco
"Trashed" aims to raise awareness about the urgent need for action in addressing the global waste crisis. The film inspires viewers to rethink their personal contribution to waste generation and disposal while actively engaging in efforts to cherish a cleaner and healthier planet.
Bad chemicals from the air can dense into the ocean affecting the whales and their reproduction.

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