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substitute mobility italy

by Katharina Nieporte


Substitute meeting ITALY
19.03.2023 - 24.03.2023
The German Foreign Ministry issued a warning about a possible terrorist threat in Istanbul where the meeting was to take place. As a result, the German teachers' travelling permission was withdrawn by the supervising authority (Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf). Then, the earthquake in southern Turkey caused the Italian and Romanian groups to cancel their participation at this time. The coordinators discussed how to solve the problem and scheduled the meeting in Turkey for the beginning of May, as an earlier date would not have been possible. This, however, made participation of the German group impossible, as the students were taking their final exams then. In order to conclude the project as planned, we jointly decided to still have the meeting at the proposed time, without the German students. To make up for this, the German students travelled for a bilateral meeting to the Italian partner in March and made some preparatory activities for the final meeting.
Day 1
After the welcome in the school, we started with the presentation of the results we had brought with us. Afterwards, we divided into groups and started creating joint promotional clips. Shortly before lunch break, we went on a tour of Piacenza and looked at the sights.
In the afternoon we finished the promotional clips.
Afterwards, we were able to explore Piacenza on our own in our free time.
Day 2
This morning we worked on preparing our promotional materials for the trade fair stand. After creating many products, we headed to Parma to explore the city. We visited some sights and sampled local delicacies before meeting for dinner at a restaurant.
Overall, it was a successful day where we worked as well as enjoyed the city and the local cuisine.
Day 3
Today, after diligently completing our flyer designs, we visited Milan. Upon arrival, we were already impressed by the magnificent architecture of the train station. Just like the famous gallery and the cathedral, which are beautifully detailed and ornate. Despite the four hours we spent in Milan, we unfortunately didn't have enough time to visit da Vinci's and Van Gogh's museums. We really enjoyed the hospitality of the Italians in every shop, in addition to the beautiful weather!
Day 4
In the morning, we attended German class together. Then we presented our created advertising clips, flyers, posters, user interfaces and logos and collected suggestions for improvement. In the afternoon we had some free time in Piacenza and enjoyed the sun.
In the evening we had a small farewell party with pizza. We are surprised and sad that the time has passed so quickly.