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Critical Reading Class' Weekly Reflection

by Devisa


Weekly Reflection
Class of Critical Reading 2022
Week 1
Overview and Introduction the Materials
Critical reading is more active way of reading, not only understanding the context of the text but also involves the process of analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating the text, so a comprehensive understanding will be reached. This is what I can understand about the meaning of doing Critical Reading at the first meeting of this class. What I expect from this Critical Reading class this semester is this course could make me more interested in reading. Then, I could understand and comprehend the text easily without any difficulties, especially for academic text such as journals, articles, etc. Moreover, by attending this course, I hope that I could improve my critical thinking. As we know that critical thinking is an essential thing that all students should have in this era, it teaches us how to look forward for the solution of some problem by looking from many different perspectives and various ways, which is required deeper understanding and analysis. By the end of this semester, I hope I can finish reading more journals and articles, not only reading but also creating some critical questions from them, then answer based on my analysis by myself. I expected this course could encourage me to learn more and more in the future, so I become a good teacher and able to teach the materials to my students well.
At the second meet of Critical Reading Class, we discussed the previous task with MR. Sean and it was very insighful for me, I knew whether my answer is right or wrong and then doing self reflection by myself right after the class. On the other side, we also learned the next materials about the “ Bias “. Based on my understanding, Bias is personal beliefs or opinion againts something, it can be the other beliefs that become a majority in society. I thought that every single person in the world has their own bias toward something. For a note, Bias is not always bad, because it was personal beliefs and opinion. Everyone has their own sight and preferences. The class was conducted quiet interactive, MR. Sean always encouraged us to be active in class, maybe some of students still hestitate to ask or gave their opinion but we could make it. By the end of the class, we're given some tasks to finish in the next week and I thought it was good for us, as a student, we must still learn the materials even though the class is over.