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How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?

by Seycove Learners

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The History of The West and How it Has Shaped Our Geography
By me aka the awesome guy aka the British boi aka Caden
This is my comic on the five themes of geography

Now you might be wondering what are the fives themes of geography
Well I’ll explain it using this comic
This shows location

Location is defining where you you are.

Exact location is your pinpoint precise whereabouts you can find this using latitude and longitude to find you coordinates
This shows human environment interaction. ^

This is when humans interact with their surroundings to their convenience, like have a place to sleep, or a bridge to cross water, or make a place for to eat.

My example is a bridge we made this to cross over the water below.
This photo shows region.

A region is a large mass of land that has common features and covers different places.

An example of this is the provinces of Canada.

There are three types of regions

Formal Regions:
Regions defined by governmental or administrative boundaries (States, Countries, Cities)
Functional Regions:
Regions defined by a function (newspaper service area, cell phone coverage area).

Vernacular Regions:
Regions defined by similar characteristics like natural features (Corn Belt, Rocky Mountain region) or people’s perceptions (Chinatown, Lower Mainland, Deep Cove)
Movement is the way ideas goods and people travel. Transport emails and telephones are good examples of movement
This shows place

Place is defined by physical or human characteristics that make somewhere unique. For example the Tower of London the Houses of Parliament and the London eye are physical features that make London unique.
This photo shows place.
Photo 1: A Local Park
Myrtle park
Reflection 1: A Local Park

1. This photo represents the theme location because myrtle park is the location the coordinates are 49.3203° N, 122.9503° W.

2. This photo shows how we have impacted on the environment by placing a social element within nature

3. This park is a great place to walk my dog and interact with my friends