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The Lazarus Lizard

by Morgan Cheeseman


The Traveling Lazarus Lizard
By: Morgan Cheeseman
The Story of the Lazarus Lizard
The Lazarus Lizard actually came to Cincinnati by a 12 year- old- boy back in the 1950s. George Ray Jr. packed one of these lizards into his socks in his suitcase and flew back to the US. He released this foreign invader at his house in the suburbs of Hyde Park. The lizard began to thrive and reproduce, creating this invasive species stayed in Cincinnati.
Conditions for Living
  • rocky habitats (helps survive the cold winter)
  • insects to feed on
  • warm sidewalks
  • walls to climb
  • parks to hide
  • A similar environment to that of Italy (which my chance Cincinnati has!)

These lizards are an invasive species in southwest Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. All they need are some bugs and some stone walls to climb and hide in during the cold winters.
More Information and Pictures
  • 10 inch long tail
  • pointed snout
  • found running and climbing over and around buildings, parking lots, parks, stone walls, etc.

  • divided its species into multiple different types
  • some are green, red, brown, or grey
  • these different species all have different adaptions such as large pore, color, reproductive strategy etc.
  • about 1500 lizards per acre
  • specifically from Milan, Italy

  • The red/brownish Wall Lizards are the ones know the most in Cincinnati.
  • These lizards have longer legs/ stronger limbs than those from Italy.
  • The lizard became the mascot of Cincinnati!