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Larry the Lion

by George Lee


Once upon a time ,there was a lion called Larry. Who lived on the edge of a forest whit his Dad called Lazy The Lion. One Monday his Dad asked him to bring a basked to his Grandfathers house.
Next Larry the Lion set off thorugh the forest . He began to look around he saw a bear the ran over to him and said "what is in your basked said the bear."it is some water for my Grandfather " said Larry The Lion .
Soon Larry saw his Grandfather house , so he knocked on the doer "who is it there" said Grandfather,so Larry said "it is me" said Larry. Larry walked in.
Larry the Lion sat down and Larry stared to talk to him he said "grandfather what big eyes you have" said Larry, "all the better to see you with " said grandfather , "what big tail you have " said Larry all the better to choke you with sudnnly Larry rooed a big rooed grandfather jumped out of his skin THE END