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9-E: The Robot of Humanity

by Ayush


The Year is 2310. The Universe is at war, the aliens and humans in a tug of war. But the Humans have a trick up their sleeve, not a man but machine. The robot that has taken over 100 alien ships and 50 of their top leaders, 9-E. Now, we find this robot on a mission that can change the fate of the war, sneaking on the head ship Orion and taking down the leader, Pompey Tambor.
9-E successfully sneaks on the ship, crawling through the cramped and mold filled shafts. 9-E has taken smaller fish in the past, but never the big ones. He get to the point and sees Pompey. He springs into action, his legs bouncing moving from one agent to another, slashing them with his sword. Then he finds himself in front of Pompey, himself on the side of the bridge. "One more step bot, and this ship goes down" Pompey yells, firing blaster shots from his vantage point. 9-E was stuck, pondering what he should do.