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Percentage diary

by Dam in


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Marie's Diary
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Day 1
Marie is a young excellent girl and she is in her early 20s. Her hobby is to cook. She makes excellent expensive food , She works in a fancy restaurant. It's named Mr. Jeremy Diner. She is also quite popular. She is also a fine model. She had EVERYTHING she wanted in her entire life. So she lived in peace.
Day 1
1. Marie wanted to buy a TV but the TV costs $600 What is the price of the TV after a 15% discount ?

TV 15/100 x 600 = $90
$600-90 = $510
The TV costs $510 after the discount
Day 2

2. Marie bought pair of Shoes for her freind. which included GST of 7% The price of shoes before GST was $85.
How much did Xavier pay for the pair of Nike shoes

7/100 x 85/1 = 5.95
85 + 5.95 = 90.95

payed $90.95 after the GST.
Day 3
3. Marie had $7500 in his bank account the bank paid 4% interest at the end each year. How much did she had in the end of 1 year?

4% x $7500 = 300
$7500 + $300 = 7300$
She had 7500 in the bank.
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Day 4
4. Marie measures her book for her freinds birthday with her hand span and finds that it is 20 handspan long. His handspan 17.5 centimeters long. What is the length of the table?

20 x 17.4 = 348.0 cm
= 3.480 m