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I learn to Surf!

by Melissa Z. Ozkan


Melissa Ozkan
Once there was a little (NOT VERY YOUNG) girl named Sarah.
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Sarah was very kind and indeeded loved to share. But Sarah had only one wish, LEARN TO SURF!!!!!
But Sarah's Parents said "You are too young to surf ! And you will keep falling down !" But Sarah still had hope in her.
But Sarah was sad at the same time.
Her dream had cracked and crumbled to the floor!
"You will not surf !"
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Soon her parent's sent Sarah to school.
Believe it or not Sarah's parents sent her to S U R F 'N' T U R F school ! (Sarah managed to convince her parents) She was so happy to finally go to a surfing school !
" Now turn to your right.. YES! JUST LIKE THAT SARAH! " Sarah was good at S U R F 'N' T U R F school. Every time Sarah fell her teacher said " Don't worry Sarah! Just keep trying and you'll be the best! " Sarah's teacher believed in her as much as Sarah did herself!
Sarah had grown up but she was angry at her parents!
"This time I will show my parent's that I can really surf !" said Sarah "Since I'm all grown up now !"
Sarah decided to go to the beach with her mum and dad. When they got there the parent's asked "Why are we here?"
So Sarah said "Because I will show you that I can surf !" The parent's gasped and said " No way !" But Sarah said "Yes that's right and I'm all grown up now so you cant judge me !"
The parent's froze for a second...
"Your right sweetheart..." They said slowly.
Were they serious? Sarah asked "Are you sure?" her parents replied "Yes sweetheart !"
Sarah didn't know it was that easy!
So she took surfing classes, and (finnaly) she was on the waves!!