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The Warden : Learn about it

by Melissa Zeynep Ozkan


The Warden : Learn about it
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A Warden is a mob that lives in the Deep Dark. The Warden is a new mob that was added in the Caves and Cliffs update. It is a hostile mob that is blind and seeks out players then slaughters them. The Warden finds its way around by sensing vibrations from its antennas.
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I am a Warden
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warden is a powerful but evadable hostile mob summoned by sculk shriekers in deep dark biomes. It attacks by swinging its arms downward, dealing the highest melee damage of all mobs, and can also release a sonic boom attack that is undodgable, pierces through obstacles and only the Resistance effect can guard from its damage. Wardens are completely blind and rely on vibrations, smell, and touch to detect players and mobs to attack, and can therefore be evaded via sneaking, diversions and wool.
The Warden lives in a Biome called the Deep Dark which spawns a place called the Ancient City. This Biome is very rare. It is usually at Y level -52. There is no 100% guarantee that the Deep Dark will spawn an Ancient City.
Although the warden is supposed to be blind, spectating it reveals that it still has normal vision.[10]
The concept for the warden was originally planned for the Nether Update as a "blind piglin that could only respond to sounds" that could be found within a "new biome".[11]
Brandon Pearce considers the warden as something entirely new as it isn't a boss or a mini boss or a regular enemy but a force of nature: "when a tornado is barreling towards you, you don't try to kill it - you run away! The warden is exactly the same."[12]
Brandon's thought process on finally giving the warden a drop after he was heavily against it was the warden should never drop something that is important or hard to get that would be worth going through the trouble of fighting it. In this case, fighting a warden is not worth a sculk catalyst. This change was made for renewability farms and tech players.[13]
When Chi Wong was working the warden's digging animation he wanted to make sure the timing was right and make sure while it was going down, it's not going down like an elevator, but it actually digs, and the feeling Chi wanted to convey with it is it has tons of rage, it is annoyed, and it wants to go down.[14]
The warden is the most concepted and worked through mob in Minecraft in terms of sound design.[15] When Brandon was first developing the warden, sound design was important to him, and the warden was designed with that in mind.[16]
While designing the warden, Brandon wanted to hear the player's "heartbeat" as the warden got closer for anticipation but he thought that it felt out or place and didn't make sense to hear the player's heartbeat. His solution was for something else to make the heartbeat, and thus the warden gained a heartbeat. It was also a design choice to mimic some really interesting sound design without breaking immersion. It also adds more to the warden itself and lore reasons as to why a warden has a heartbeat.[17][18]
Some previous names being considered for the warden were the shade,[19] the stalker and the hollowed.[20]
The shade was a vaguely humanoid translucent mob with glowing eyes. It was meant to be a more ambient mob, which would stand in darkness with only its eyes visible and would slowly fade away as the player approached it. It would also imitate the noise of other mobs, making it sound as though they were right behind the player. Rather than an iteration on the warden, by then called the "stalker", the shade had come to be a completely separate mob to the stalker, though in some concepts it was meant to be sort of complementary, living in the ancient cities and helping the stalker by tricking players into alerting it. It was eventually scrapped due to a feeling that it would grow to become annoying rather than creepy, and so the team could better focus on developing the stalker.[21]
The stalker iteration was tall and asymmetrical with a glowing core, sometimes referred to as a chest crystal.[22] It occurred in totems throughout the deep dark. The stalker would stand completely still to trick players into taking its core and aggravating it, and could transform into a form one block high
Form to stop players to squeeze in a place that the warden couldnt
The warden is a beast that is formed from :
A monster that was summoned from the dead who intends to KILL you who is also a NPC (Non player Character) / robot
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