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Fantastic animals from Atlantis

by MMag. Zechner Birgit


Fantastic animals from Atlantis

by 2D
Welcome to the fantastic world of Atlantis! 

The students of 2D were asked to come up with a

fantastic animal and to describe and draw it.

Have a look and experience the fantastic

animals of Atlantis!
The Rabird
The Rabird was a mix of bunny and bird.  It was a land animal. This animal could fly and could also hop on the ground.
But it couldn´t swim and run really fast. The Rabird was a really friendly animal, but if you attacked it, it was really dangerous. 
It was nicer than the Snapkle, but not as dangerous as the Bugboy. 
The Rabird wasn´t as small as a mouse. 
But the people in Atlantis liked this animal and a lot of Atlantians had a Rabird  as a pet.

by Alina Huseinovic
The Flypig

The Flypig was as tall as a fly. And it was fatter than a rabbit. 
The Flypig was the fastest flyer in the world. And it was the slowest walker in the world. It could not swim like a shark. And it couldn’t run like an antelope. 
The Flypig was a friendly animal. It was friendlier than the Huffump. The Flypig could not fly as well as the Ruckle. The Flypig was not as small as the Bugboy. It was bigger! 
It was the friendliest animal in the world. It was a mix of fly and pig. Its wings were beautiful. Its nose was very funny. I wish I could have it!

by Amelie Danner