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by Abby Heffernan


Let's learn about Plants!!
Plants can grow in many different ways. We can see in this picture that sometimes it can take a while for plants to grow. When you plant a seed a plant must be in the right environment to be able to grow. This means that plants might need water, sunlight, and oxygen to grow!
My favourite type of flower is a Rose. I especially love the red ones but roses have lots and lots of different colours. My dog is also called Rosie which makes the flowers very special to me!
What's your favourite flower ?
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Plants grow in many places all around the world! Can you guess where these plants live ?

I don't think I've seen these plants growing in Ireland before, have you ?
It looks extremely hot!!!!
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What do plants need to grow ?
Plants need lots of things to grow.
1) Water
2) Sunlight
3) Air
4) Temperature
5) Time
6) Space