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by Nassir


Mysterious Planet Neptune By Nassir Jackson

Epic says that Neptune is about 4x wider than earth.
Size & Location
Neptune is the eighth and farthest planet from the sun.
Did you know Neptune is about as big as an baseball.
A person that weighs 100 pounds on earth would weigh 115 pound on Neptune.

Have you ever wondered what Neptune is made of well actually it's atmosphere is mostly made of hydrogen and helium with a little methane.
Neptune's thick atmosphere creates the fastest winds.
Did you know that Neptune is an ice giant planet because the inside is covered with ice.
You might think that Neptune's atmosphere is just windy but it also has a thick atmosphere.
How it orbits
The ellipitical orbit of Neptune is inclined 1.77 compared to earth.
It takes about 165 years for Neptune to orbit once.
Neptune has an ellipitical oval shaped orbit.
One day on Neptune take about 16 hours.
Fun facts
The Neptune's nickname is BBP Big Blue Planet.
Did you know Neptune is the coldest and windiest planet in our solar system.
Neptune has giant dark spots that are hurricanes.

It is so cool that Neptune was named after a roman sea god.
All about the author
Nassir is currently 9 years old and he's in 4th grade.
His favorite dessert is cheesecake.
And his favorite foods are shrimp and mac n cheese.
Also his favorite candy is warheads and sour candy.