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Story of my life

by Bianca Tijerina


Story of my Life
I have 2 sisters. One of my sister plays football and is 14. The last sister is 1 year old and touches all my stuff.
One of my hobbles is making rings and bracelets. I like creating things. Another hobble is coloring because it helps me forces. My last hobble is longbording because I can longbord with my cousins and sister.
Places I would like to visit
I would love to visit England because its so pretty over there and Harry Styles is from there. Other place I would love to visit is Sweden because my favorite show was made there.
My favorite artiest are Harry Styles because he sweet,kinda and doesn't care about what other people think about him. Louis Tomlinson because he is they cutes and cares about everything.
My favorite shows/movies are Riverdale because they talk about a whole lot of different things. My other favorite show/movie to watch Flapped because they live close to each other and aren´t friends talk to each other but not a lot.