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Romeo and Juliet

by Ana Carpinteiro


Romeo and Juliet
Once upon a time during the Erasmus Project, the story of two lovers who couldn't be blessed took place.

Their story began in the garden of a museum.
Juliette was looking at the beautiful ocean as Romeo was trying to approach her. All of a sudden he spotted a turtle crawling on the floor.
Surprised he yelled: "Look! There's a turtle"

Juliette turned around and cooed at the turtle's cuteness.
They both leaned down to touch it but immediately pulled their hands back when they felt a zap of electricity.

Romeo and Juliette fell to the ground and when they looked up they were deeply in love.
The couple walked hand in hand through a museum, enjoying their time together
Their freshly found love ran deeply within them.

But as they continued to stay together their relationship started to become less and less lovingly. Juliette was still deeply in love with Romeo but he had lost his love for her.
Romeo knew that he had to confront his girlfriend
The couple sat down on a bench as Romeo started to explain that he wanted to break up:
"Juliette I'm so sorry but I just can't do this anymore. I don't love you anymore. Let's break up"

Juliette was crushed by those news but she was also understanding. The two split their ways right at that moment.
Romeo was happy to be free from the ties of a relationship but Juliette felt incredibly sad.