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the Oregon trail

by Karga Mehta


the oregon trail
by Karga Mehta
chapter 1 what is the Oregon trail
After the Louisiana Purchase, America became a bigger country because the Louisiana Territory was so much new land. The Louisiana purchase was a land purchase by the U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson, from France.
So people started travelling away from the east and going towards the west.This was the westward expansion.  The gold rush was a big part of people moving west.  It was a long and difficult journey to go that many miles.  Because so many people were going west, a route started that the people would travel on together called the Oregon Trail.

The Oregon trail was a trail that was a dangerous and deadly trail. The trail was used more in the 1840’s-1860’s. People would walk  or ride their waggons on the trail. The trail could take people to California, and Oregon and the trail would take 4 and a half months to get to places. It was 2,169 miles long.  People were moving west in America and this was called the westward expansion.  Some people were moving west so that they could have their own land for their family and start farming to have food.  They sold
The Oregon Trail was like a road that went from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean.  People went west in a method called wagon trains.  This was when a lot of people sometimes in several families and many wagons travelled together.  They did this to help stay safe from bandits.  People on the trail would bump into Native Americans that lived on the trail. The people would help Native Americans but they would hurt them and take their resources and land. I am going to teach you about the Native Americans and what the immigrants would do to the Native Americans on the trail. Immigrants would bump into native americans and the native americans would ask if they could help but the immigrants would take their land and their resources so that would make them homeless.
the food for money and they also used it to feed their family.  

Chapter 2: Dates

In this chapter I will talk about the important dates of the trail and what a long journey it was. I will also talk about what the Oregon Trail looked like and how dangerous it was. 
When the trail was in use it was something that looked like a dirt trail.  It was big enough to have a horse and wagon on it.  Some places it could be rocky and bumpy and also have hills so it wasn’t always flat.There were a lot of reasons that the Oregon Trail was a long and hard journey.  One thing is that it took a long time to get through that many miles.
The first person to walk the Oregon trail was Robert Stuart of Astoria in 1812-13. In 1812 Robert Stuart was the first person to walk the whole trail; he followed the entire route of the trail in 1812. The trail was Built in 1811. The Oregon trail was laid by fur traders and trappers from about 1811-1840, and was only passable on foot or by horseback. By 1836, when the first migrant wagon train was organized in Independence, Missouri, a wagon trail had been cleared to Fort Hall, Idaho.

So people spent months being outside with no house travelling a few miles each day.  But, they also had to find food and cook for their families along the way each day. They had to hunt to find most of their food. Mostly they hunted buffaloes, deers, and maybe rabbits, and more.  They had to keep making something that could be a shelter too for their families.  Also the weather made the trail have bad conditions. If it were raining then it could get very muddy or if it were snowing the wagon may not even be able to go on it.  The horses pulled the wagons so it would be hard to move the wheels if the snow was deep. If it was hard to move the wagon the horse would stay out there and it would freeze to death.