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Hide & Seek

by Slava


Hide and Seek
Slava P8
Do you know where we are going on holiday?”asked mom. “Yes, l heard you talking we are going to Turkey!”l said.

 In May my family and I went to Turkey with our friends. The hotel on the big island was huge with lots of tall trees, colourful flowers and fluffy bushes. 
My friends and I quickly went to play hide and seek in the hotel’s beautiful garden after dinner.
   First, Maria was in. She found everyone. Maria found my sister first, she was behind the tall tree.
   After that, she found me in the big green bushes. She found my friend Luri too. She was in the mini shop next to the hotel. 
But no one could find Alex. We looked for him for forty minutes.
  Finally, my friends yelled, “Game over!”.
We all were tired but we didn’t want to stop. 
  “Aaaaaaa I see him!” yelled Luri. 
    Alex got out. He was excited. He yelled “I am the winner!”. We were in shock.
We asked him where he was. He said “I was on the roof.” “How?” asked Maria. “Oh it’s a big secret.”
We were all mad at him and had a deal never hide on the roofs.

We were so tired and went to bed to sleep and to dream about it.
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