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Peace and Strong institutions SDG16

by Rafael Fernández García


SDG16 Peace and strong institutions
SDG 16 Peace and strong institutions
Peace, justice and strong institutions
We are from Quel (La Rioja) in Spain, in the school, its name is C. E. I. P Sáenz de Tejada.
We want stop war in Congo by reducing coltan extraction
In the North-East of Congo the extraction of coltan in very aggressive
In East Congo there is a lot of COLTAN. Is mines are some the most important in the world.
Coltan Is necessary for phones, computers, laptops...
So everyone uses at school, at home and at work.
The consequences:
- War
- infant work
- chimpanzees and gorillas die
- poverty
- poaching
- pollution
- illegal arms
- women sexual violence
- corruption
- carbon footprint
- explosives