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The Sleepover

by Talisa Richards


Sleepover Fun!
By, Talisa Richards
It was a hot sunny day in August. I woke up at 8:00. I got dressed. I went downstairs to get my breakfast. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. DING DONG. I was thinking...Who can that be?
I opened the door. It was my cousin Dailin."I missed you," she said. "I missed you too. Come in, come in, let's play upstairs. Let's role play together," I said. I was so happy. I did a little dance. Hooray!!
First we went upstairs to play. We played family. I was the baby and my sister was the oldest sister. Dailin was our mom. We laughed and screamed. I was so happy to be the little baby.
After playing we had a snack. We had chips. They were crunchy and salty! We talked and talked and talked.

I had so much fun with Daelin on our sleepover. We love hangin out together. I can't wait to have another sleepover.