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The Sleepover

by Talisa Richards

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Sleepover Fun!
By, Talisa Richards
It was a hot sunny day in August. I woke up at 8:00. I got dressed. I went downstairs to get my breakfast. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. DING DONG. I was thinking...Who can that be?
I opened the door. It was my cousin Dailin."I missed you," she said. "I missed you too. Come in, come in, let's play upstairs. Let's role play together," I said. I was so happy. I did a little dance. Hooray!!
First we went upstairs to play. We played family. I was the baby and my sister was the oldest sister. Dailin was our mom. We laughed and screamed. I was so happy to be the little baby.
After playing we had a snack. We had chips. They were crunchy and salty! We talked and talked and talked.

I had so much fun with Daelin on our sleepover. We love hangin out together. I can't wait to have another sleepover.
Talisa is in the second grade. Her favorite color is rose pink. Her favorite food is collard greens. Her favorite vegetable is tomato. She wrote this because she likes spending time with her cousin.
The end