Book Creator

Unit 2

by Dian Novita


Learning Objectives:

1. Students are able to apply the new vocabulary into a good sentence.
2. Students are able to identify noun phrases.
3. Students are able to develop poetry.
4. Students are able to recite the poem well.
Watch the video in which Tom Hiddleston read the poem "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost.
Observe the poem, and how do you interpret this poem?
Elements of Poetry – Sound Devices
1. Rhyme – the repetition of vowel and consonant sounds at the ends of words
For example, tin and pin, hand and sand
2. Rhyme scheme – when rhymes follow a particular pattern
Example of Rhyme and Rhyme Scheme

How doth the little crocodile (A)
Improve his shining tail, (B)
And pour the waters of the Nile (A)
On every golden scale! (B)
Watch the video "Maya Angelou's masterpiece-Caged Bird".
Identify the rhyme in each stanza.
Read this poem and illustrate the poem in a picture. Draw the picture on a piece of paper and send the picture to the lecture a day after the class.
Without Stopping by Cherry Jean Vasconcellos
In the dream,
I can’t stop crying. 
Neighbors drop in. 
They whisper while I straighten pillows on the couch,
my face wet and silent as porcelain. 
Later, my picture shows up in supermarkets nationwide: Woman Never Quits Weeping.
In the real world, He’s gone two years and I hardly ever cry. 
Crude and shameless, life has filled in the spaces 
as it does with everyone.
Now, for example, I remember how he touched me, 
but I don’t feel his hand
cup my hip the way I used to in the first,
bitter euphoria after his death
when he rose up around me like incense burning.

Source: "Without Stopping" (Vasconcellos)