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The Fictional Ordinary

by April Bartolotta


The Fictional Ordinary
April Bartolotta
April Bartolotta
I am a writer who enjoys creating short stories as well as poetry. From a young age I’ve been drawn towards dark and unusual themes. Through my writing I like to explore gruesome topics and show readers the beautiful side of the macabre, while sometimes still keeping a sense of dry humor. In addition to my passion for writing, I love creating visual art and I (somewhat poorly) play multiple instruments.

For my portfolio I wrote six poems that all share themes of magic and witchcraft. They’re all self contained pieces that describe common experiences through unusual imagery.
Momento Mori
Tokens of your grief 
are kept safe in sacred places.

We are tucked tightly under beds 
or framed and hung on ornate walls.

Decades of our stories are 
woven into floral wreaths of faded locks, 
and our final smiles are cast in plaster 
begging to be remembered by anyone who cares.

We are spirits of sickness, phantoms of forgotten pain.
We are the voice that echoes from the shadows of a vacant basement.

You may forget our names, our faces, our tales of woe, 
but we reside here regardless.
The dead will always tend to hide in the darkest places 
of your wandering mind. 
Blackout Poem of "Cubicles" by My Chemical Romance
Queen of Wands
She gazes upon her subjects,
eyes ablaze with ambition.

A new reign falls over the kingdom,
dousing the scars left by tradition.

Flames may roar throughout the land
but she’ll stand tall with feline grace.

Meeting every conflict with courage
and every challenge with haste.

Unbothered by her enemies 
and the foul things they may spout.

She knows who she is,
and she lives without doubt.