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Year 3 Computing. Making a short film about a Canadian animal

by Rachel Mallett

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Making a short film about a Canadian animal.
Year 3 Computing
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Key Questions.

1. What steps do you need to take to make a good film?

2. What types of camera shot are there?

3. What tips are there about how to take a good quality photo or video?

4. How can I search effectively for facts about Canadian animals?

5. What extras do you need to add to make your film look ready for viewing and as professional as possible?
Fact Box and Answers!

1. These are sensible stages in film-making. Think, plan, create, edit, review and show.

2. Camera shots - Extreme close-up, close-up, mid shot, medium long shot, long shot and extreme long shot/wide shot.

3. Think carefully about what the main subject of your photo or video will be. Set up the shot carefully - position, lighting and type of shot. Stand as still as you can and have light behind you if possible.

4. Use a book or search engine (or person with real knowledge if possible) and find out which animals are native to Canada. Then look up that specific animal and find at least five interesting facts about them. Record these in some way to use in your film.

5. Remember to add a page with credits on (who did which job in the film) and ideally a page showing the websites you used for your information and pictures. Add transition effects, check that pictures and voice overs match up and that any picture captions are clear. Perhaps add some appropriate music.

Extreme wide shot
Long shot

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