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Rudolph is Missing

by Randy D.

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Rudolph Goes Missing
By: Randy D.
Crunch, crunch Santa's footsteps echoed in th snow. He was going to feed the reindeer as he handed out the carrots. He noticed something was looking odd, but as he handed out what he thought was the last carrot, he noticed Rudolph was missing !!!!! Then santa called for Oscar the Elf. He told Oscar about what had happened and that he wanted him to search for Rudolph. Oscar wondered where could Rudolph be?
First, Oscar wandered into the forest. As he flew farther into the forest, he saw something red in the distance. He wasn't sure what it was. Could it be Rudolph? In a short time he was on the tree. The tree was so tall that Oscar could not see the red object. So, he flew up into the tree. Oscar was deceived. It was just a red bird. Oscar wondered where Rudolph could be?
Then, Oscar went deeper into the forest. In disappointment, Oscar wondered where Rudolph could be? Just then he saw red lights. Was it Rudolph? He walked towards the red object. He thought it was Rudolph. When he got closer to the red lights he saw it was only a red ornament on a Christmas tree. Oscar wondered where Rudolph could be?
Then, Oscar went on a log to sit down on and take a break. He kept looking for Rudolph. He thought he would never find Rudolph. Just then he saw another red light. As he got to the object he wondered was it Rudolph? No! It was only a gumdrop. Where could Rudolph be?
Lastly, Oscar was about to go to Santa and tell he could not find Rudolph. When he thought of Rudolph's favourite spot where he always reads. As he got there he saw something red. He looked behind the tree and found Rudolph asleep. Oscar had saved Christmas.
Rudolph woke up and Oscar told Rudolph he had fallen asleep and Santa was waiting for him. Oscar jumped onto Rudolph's back and he flew to Santa. Santa wasted no time tying Rudolph to the sleigh. Oscar had saved Christmas by finding Rudolph.