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Kinley McClellan Cooperation

by Kinley McClellan

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A Team Would not be a Team without Cooperation
By : Kinley McClellan

Cooperation is working together with others, by working together with others you all treat each other fairly and communicate while working for the common goal you all want to achieve.
5 ways to practice cooperation

Working in small groups

While working letting everyone get a chance to speak and share their ideas
Sharing toys
Working together as a team to win your game

Read as a group and take turns reading different sentences.
Cooperation is Key!

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!
It is your key,
the key to a life full of unity.

Work, work hard all day,
I will do the writing,
if you will do the drawings,
we work and work until the day goes away.

Days and days,
fly by like a plane.
With our bright, bright colors,
and our thoughts all bubbled into one,
we grew our knowledge of the bright beautiful sun,
but we came to a close,
and we both had fun,
that's how teamwork is DONE!

The Best Sandcastle Ever!!
On one bright beautiful morning, I woke up, the sun shining right onto me. I jumped up and out of bed running to the balcony to find my dad. "Oh look, look it's so beautiful the sand, the ocean. Can we go down there now, please please?" I said to my dad. "Yes, go get ready. I'll get you sand toys, now hurry up" he replied.
I ran as fast as I could back into my room, ripping my suitcase apart to find my swimsuit. I quickly put it on and ran right back out to the front door.
"Come on, let's go I can't wait! I'm going to make the best sandcastle you've ever seen!" I yelled excitedly. Sometime later we arrived down at the beach. I grabbed my sand toys and laid them all out so I can build the best sandcastle anyone has ever seen.
I started off by using my blue bucket and filling it with water I got by running to the ocean. Then I gathered sand in my red bucket and little by little took some water and put it into the sand to pack all the sand together. I ran out of water but I couldn't leave my bucket.
"Oh boy, this is harder than I imagined," I said softly to myself. I tried once, but it failed. I tried again, but it failed. I failed and failed over and over. It felt like I would never ever build the castle of my dreams.
Some time later some kids came by they watched me struggle, but I thought nothing of it. Kids walk by all day, they never say anything or even try and help. But, I guess these kids were different.
They walked by all coming to a stop. There was a girl and a boy looking to be my age. The girl spoke out and said, "Would you like some help? My name is Oliva and this is my twin Oliver. We both love sandcastles, we could build the best one ever if we help!" I replied "Oh please, please. I've been out here for hours. Let's do this! The best sandcastle ever!"
We worked and worked. I got the water and sand and filled them into the buckets, while Oliva stacked the sand, and Oliver was in charge of decorating. In under thirty minutes, we were done. Our big beautiful sandcastle was gleaming in the sun.
"Oh wow, wow our sandcastle is perfect! Thank you for helping I couldn't have done it without you both." I said excitedly. That night while I was in bed and I remembered the lesson in school, it was about cooperation. I realized today we all showed cooperation, if we didn't do that I would have never built the best sandcastle ever. The end!