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Community Nature Guide: Fisher Park

by Global Scholars


Welcome to Fisher Park

A Nature Guide by The Global Scholars Interns
What is Fisher Park?
This public space is in Manhattan, New York City. It sits between two tall buildings in what New Yorkers call "Midtown". It features some garden beds, benches, a globe, a mural, water fountain, and a bike rack.

Different kinds of plant life can be seen in this small area! We found that the diversity of New York is found even in the native origins of these plants:

Begonia Gracilis (Mexico) 

River Birch Tree (Eastern United States) 

PeeGee Hydrangea (China, Japan, & Taiwan)  

Ferns (United States) 

Orange Chrysanthemum (China) 

Wintercreeper (China, Korea, Japan) 

Despite the streets, sidewalks, and buildings, there is still wildlife in this green space. Here we have:

  • House Sparrows 
  • Red Lantern Flies (These are non-native to New York and are considered an invasive species!) 
  • Mites 
  • Pigeons (A New York City staple!) 

House Sparrow
Red Lantern Fly
Our public space is in a busy epicenter, where there are lots of offices.

  • View and take pictures of the art
  • Go for a walk
  • Ride your bike
  • Eat your lunch
  • Take a phone call
  • Relax & take break

Food stands for lunch
Artist: Michael Christian
"Falcon Dreaming"
Artist: Vexta
  • This space comes with a water fountain that provides free access to fresh drinking water.

  • It has a ramp for wheelchair accessibility.

  • People can walk or ride a bike to this space.