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Hazel and the Red Head

by Apolline Guadarrama

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Chapter 1 Hazel

“Hazel…. Hazel it’s almost nine…” 
 “Nooo.” I tightly clutched my blankets.
“Don’t you have a meeting with your club at nine fifteen? Maybe I’ve got my days mixed up.” 
“Gah! Mom, why didn’t you wake me up earlier?! I gotta go, I gotta GO!” I exclaimed as I jumped out of bed quickly, got dressed and packed all my stuff in my nice big backpack. Today was Sunday and every Sunday at 9:15 we went out to Greyson Park. And by “we” I mean Hoops, Candy, Bex, Tacita, Talor, Koi, Trista and myself. We’re in a band together, come to think about it- Oh there’s no time! I thought to myself as I grabbed my water bottle off the kitchen island and ran out the door. I then stopped myself realizing it was only… 

“8:45!” I exclaimed as I looked at the old clock that was just above our kitchen island. “Mom, why’d you try to give me a heart attack? I thought I was gonna be late!” I said as I walked back inside and set my backpack down.
“You told me to wake you up early so I did.  Plus you need to eat.  I’m sure all of your friends are eating.” 
“B-but… I’m not hungry.” I sighed. My mother walked into the living room and sighed as she gave me a tired look.
 “You had to work late last night again?! I don’t see why.  They have other nurses don’t they?!” My mom worked at Grayson hospital only a few blocks away. 
“Yes but… I’m under someone else’s wing. I'm still in training and I need to be patient. I’m sure I’ll get more workable hours once they officially say I’m ready… and the man I’m studying under is very kind. If I didn’t work last night he would have been there all night. I just helped him move some stuff from room to room.” 
“... Is Jack still sleeping in?” 
“No… he's playing with Lily...and the ‘neighbors’.” My mom said the last part intensely. The Garcias were the kind of people who would never stop with the fireworks on the Fourth of July and more than once they woke up the whole block with their loud country music. I was surprised they weren’t blasting their Luke Bryan right now…