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Stephany Moreno Otavo y Sara Vives Hernendez
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11. Iraq war
2003 March - Missile attacks on Baghdad mark the start of a US-
led campaign to topple the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. US forces
advance into central Baghdad in early April.
2004 May - Furore over pictures showing the abuse of Iraqi
prisoners in US custody.
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2005 August - Hundreds of people are killed when Hurricane
Katrina, the most destructive storm to hit the US in decades,
sweeps through gulf coast states. Much of the city of New Orleans
is submerged by flood waters.
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2006 March - Congress renews the USA Patriot Act, a centerpiece
of the government's fight against terrorism, after months of debate
about its impact on civil liberties. The government agrees to some
curbs on information gathering.
Bush years: Wave of support after 9/11 yielded to derision at home
and abroad
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2007 January - President Bush announces a new Iraq strategy;
thousands more US troops will be dispatched to shore up security
in Baghdad.
2008 September - Turmoil in the US and international financial
markets as major Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers
collapses and other big US financial players face growing troubles
as a result of the "credit crunch".
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