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Lydia's Book

by Lydia Frank


All About Ms. Frank
I have a BIG family!
My adorable baby half-brother, Axel!
My step-sisters, Savannah and Zoe
My dad!
(Do you think we look alike?)
My twin brother Teddy
(I think she must be my REAL twin!)
My mom!
My Hobbies
Reading & Writing
Board Games
Reality TV Binging
Trying Out New Restaurants
Fashion and Make-Up
Spending Time With Friends and Family
Serving and Bartending
My Reflections
This is an incredible tool that I plan to use in my classroom for various activities. I am blown away by the numerous ways in which it can mobilize students to share ideas, receive information, and expand their learning. Particularly when there are students at very different paces with their relationship with reading, this tool allows students to go at their level (i.e. type, use speech-to-text, voice record, use the dictionary to edit, etc.).
Book Creator:
What excites me most about this tool is the room for creativity and the variety of options for expression. I really enjoyed making this very short book, because I was able to tap into various interests and ways of expressing my ideas. I find this very accessible for students regardless of their needs. I can imagine myself using this in the classroom when asking my students to present and share their learning. Students have a large element of choice in how they will share, such as through voice recording, typing, writing or drawing, photographs, etc. which caters to each of their unique interests, skills, and abilities.

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