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The deadly EF6

by Mr. Krigbaum (Mr. K)

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The deadly EF6
By: Brian
You’re at Home and there's been a tornado watch for the last 4 hours While your watching TV a tornado warning is issued and its an EF3, so you grab your safety kit and run to the basement and you look at your phone and the next thing you know its an EF5 heading straight for your house and has killed 15 people and 3 storm chasers. Then this happens; “Ladies and Gentlemen, This is unbelievable! I-it’s an EF6! IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE RED AREA, EVACUATE NOW!” Then, sadly the news station got hit and killed many.
Part 1
You notice your House isn’t in the red area so you grab your stuff and evacuate the warned cities and look up the deaths noticing there's more than 200 civilians killed and 10 storm chasers sadly passed, you look up the tornado’s stats and it’s 3.5 miles wide and traveling at 75 MPH straight towards you with 400 MPH wind and 1,000’s of pounds of debris flying like missiles through the air 

Part 2
You and your friend plan to meet at McDonalds in the next state over you reply to it with questions and he doesn’t respond, only assuming the worst you continue to the McDonalds with questions running through your head just like debris from the tornado, when you get there your friend is there you get out of your car and he says he got your texts but couldn't respond because there was no reception where he was.

Part 3
You look at the stats of the tornado and its downgraded to an EF2 and has killed 5,967 people and 47 Storm chasers and destroyed 10,000+ homes and injured almost 40,000 people then the tornado disappeared at an EF2 and declared gone

The tornado has officially disappeared and killed 6,014 people and damaged 12,785 homes and injured over 40,000 people. Some areas lost power and water. There's also a 5 foot ditch where the tornado was, the damage cost was over 1 trillion dollars and thousands of people lost their homes in this EF6 tornado.

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