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What is Christianity

by Carly Stumer


What is
Christianity focusses on Jesus
Jesus' purpose and teachings = the gospel
Where do we find the gospel?
The gospel is found in the Bible. It is the message of the whole bible.
The gospel is the announcement of what Jesus has done for you!
remember the bible is split into two sections...
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Old Testament
New Testament
Old Testament
New Testament
1.God creates the world
2.God is in a close relationship with humans
3.Humans fail God
4.Relationship is now broken
5.God promises to fix this problem

Old Testament doesn't resolve problem
...but hints at a future solution!
1. Enter Jesus!
2. Jesus is both God & human
3. Only Jesus can reconcile God
and humans
4. Jesus fixes the relationship
problem between humans & God
5. He does this through his
death and resurrection

...this is how God shows his
love for us.

Jesus is the solution
Jesus stands at the centre of Christianity as he reconciles those who choose to accept him with that we may have life to the full, for eternity.