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Mr Bee-Bots Adventure

by Edel Holland


Billy Bee-Bot's Adventures
One day, Billy Bee decided to go on an adventure.
Over the bridge, his adventure begins!
Billy Bee began to explore through treasure island. What type of people search for treasure?
After closely examining his map of the island, he set out on his way toward the Pirate Ship.
Billy Bee Bot followed directions and finally reached the ship.
How do Bee-Bots work?
Mr Bee-Bot is very talented!
We can programme Bee-Bot with directions by pushing the arrow buttons on his back.
The green 'Go' button sends Mr Bee-Bot on his adventure, the pause button makes Mr Bee-Bot stop
The 'X' button erases Bee-Bots previous adventure, leaving space for a new one to begin!
How can Mr Bee-Bot be used to teach Literacy?
Bee-Bots a great way to encourage children to create their own stories and retell stories.
It's a great way for children to learn high frequency words in a fun learning environment.
How can Mr Bee-Bot be used to teach Maths?
Bee bots can be used to help children give and follow directions. They are also useful in teaching numbers and sequences.
Bee-Bots are also a great way to make children familiar with different shapes.