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Feb./Mar. STEAMM newspaper

by Kellie Straughn


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STEAMM Academy News
March 2023 Edition
by: Ayla Margo
Coach Lancaster
Has influenced you most: my mom
Is your favorite teacher: Coach Nusbus 
Is your hero: my grandfather 
Would you most like to meet: Dr. MLK

What is your 
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Favorite Book: Great Gasby
Favorite TV show: New Amsterdam 
Favorite subject in school: English 
Favorite sport or hobby: football, golf
Career choice: human activities 
Pet peeve: kids that don’t listen 

When were you the happiest: my wedding day 
When were you the saddest: when my God Father past
When is your birthday: secret
Where did you grow up: Canton Ohio 
Where would you like to visit: Africa
Where did you spend your best vacation ever: never
How old are you: secret 
How would you describe yourself, using three adjectives: courageous, caring, passionate
How would you spend your ideal day: helping people 
How do you want to be remembered: as a caring person
Why to any of the questions above: because I am a faithful person
Comic Panel 1
MAY 2-Vote for
George Lancaster
4th Ward Council
By Giavonna Turpin
Recipes for you to try

Who was involved? Craig ,Cody, and Jasmine

What happened/what was made? They made an Egg McMuffin

Featured recipe? Ham, egg, muffin, and cheese 

Fun stuff to note? It kind of tastes like McDonald’s. Side joke ( It's kind of a mess in here).
 (Jasmine Ott was the head chef)
Ham and Egg Muffin
Yield 2

1 tablespoons of butter
2 English Muffins or one /person 
4 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
Dash of pepper 
Slice of cheese per person 
4 slices of ham or sausage patty 

1.Toast English muffin then butter with ½ of the butter
2.Beat 4 eggs milk and pepper until well blended
3.Melt 1 tablespoons butter in a nonstick skillet, add and and cook on medium heat (4) until eggs begin to set stir occasionally till dry, let set for about 1 to 3 minutes. 
Divide eggs in half, lay cheese and ham over eggs.  
 Add eggs, cheese, and ham to warm English muffin. 
Super Students: Grade 5 and 6
By Edward Webster
Grade 5
Grade 6

1. Are you proud of yourself? She said yes.
2. What was your friend's reaction? They were proud.
3. Do you try your hardest at school? Yes 
4. Do you think it is okay to slack off in school? No 
Jaley Elder
    I interviewed the Student of the Month for grade 6. How does it feel to be student of the Month? good. Do you try your hardest in school ? yes. Do you think it's okay to slack off in school sometimes? no. Do your friends make as good of grades as you? sometime. Is it okay to take breaks and let assignments off ever now and then? no.  
By William Mott
Mariah Goodman (Grade 5)
Korbin Shepler (Not pictured)

1. If your friend needs help will you help them? Yes
2. What was your friend's reaction? It was good 
3. Do you try your hardest at school? Yes 
4. Do you feel better about yourself? Yes 
Isaac Evan 
         I interviewed the Student of the Month for grade 6. How does it feel to be student of the month? good. Are you proud of yourself? yes. Do you have good grades? yes. Do you feel better about your self. yes. If your friends need help do you help them? yes. Do you ever have free time? yes.   
Super Students Gr. 7 and 8
7th Grade
8th Grade
By Paige May
By Diamond Haynes
I interviewed Coach Smith and he said that Devin Moore is quiet and does his work all the time. I also asked him about Brianna Long and he said she is a good student and awesome and does her work all the time.
The 8th grade students of the mouth are Adrianna Bennett  and Arieonna Ware. These are two bright and nice students we have here at STEAMM.  
I asked a series of questions and these are their answers : 

Adrianna Bennett is a brilliant and beautiful student. She said that she was surprised and very happy to find out she was the student of the month and her mother was happy and proud of her. She has straight A’s and she helps people that need it, if they are her friends or not. She is on the Step Team and has no study habits but she believes that you should try in school like how you would try in a game. Adrianna Bennett is a great person and an amazing student !

Arieonna Ware is a funny and wonderful student. She said she thought it was cool and surprising and her mom and dad were so happy for her. She is working hard on her grades. She said you should try even if you can’t do. She helps her friends all the time and believes you should get good grades and be an overall good student. These are the 8th grade students of the month who are two bright and nice students we have here at STEAMM !! 
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In Your Spare Time
How Awesome Is That ?
The Team Captains are Lawson Lanham and Kaleb Gantz. Rocket League is on fire! We've won 3 of our 5 matches. Minecraft and Bedwors are also doing well! Just don't ask Lawson about the bridge.

We are starting Brawlhalla  on Wednesday. How exciting !! See how we do when we get five more chairs so everybody can have a gamer chair ! We are full! Sorry- you can't join until next fall season.
Comic Panel 1
By : DeVron Rollyson