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Leveraging Digital Design Challenge

by Kelly Hilton (EC)


Leveraging Digital Design Challenge
As you explore the use of these digital resources, consider ways to create conditions for Deep Learning and Innovation. This would include lessons that include the 6 Global Competencies and 4 elements of lesson design.
Table of Contents
• Playposit
• Adobe Creative Cloud Express
• Seesaw
• Book Creator
• Formative
• Parlay
• Pear Deck
• Minecraft Education
• WeVideo
• Innovation Tools
PlayPosit is a web- and Chrome-based tool that lets teachers create and edit interactive video assessments from streamed or uploaded content.

Teachers upload an audio file or a video from popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo to create an interactive video or bulb.

Directions for integrating with Schoology
Playposit Features
Learner Made Content
Create Rubrics and Feedback Loop
Design Challenge (choose one or more)

• Create a "Bulb"
• Create a Playlist
• Remix a pre-made bulb

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