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Reflecting on Digital Tech Apps

by Marlee Garza


Reflecting on
Digital Tech Apps
Marlee Garza
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Blogs and Blog Readers
Before this module, I had never been much of a blog reader. Since then I have become an avid blog reader - and user! There are so many different blogs out there, and surely one will interest you.

I would definitely recommend any librarian to create a blog and post the link on the school website. There could be a section for book reviews, recommendations, book trailers, and activities.

I was also introduced to feedreaders. Using a feedreader is a great way to keep frequently visited blogs all in one place. All you have to do is add the blog to your feedreader and you will automatically stay updated!
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Social Media
For this module, I had the opportunity to play around with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and discover all of its beneficial uses in the educational setting. Luckily, I was already familiar with Instagram and Twitter. By perusing through different users accounts I was able to learn from others and get more ideas. Utilizing social media is a great way to communicate to a large audience with just a click of a button. I would recommend any librarian/campus to have social media to collaborate and communicate the happenings of the library.
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Message Design and Infographics
I have always been a fan of Infographics, however I had never created one before this module. I played around with different websites, but felt the most comfortable using Piktochart ( Piktochart is a website where users can make visually appealing infographics, presentations, reports, and other kinds of visual content. With infographics, creators are able to present a lot of information, visually, without making viewers feel overwhelmed or confused. Personally, infographics are much easier to understand as opposed to having to read a lot of numbers and statistics in an article.
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YouTube, Animoto, and QR Codes
Another great way to present information is through sites such as YouTube and Animoto. YouTube can be a valuable tool for students and in the school setting for a variety of different reasons such as: YouTube offers a vast library of educational videos on a wide range of topics, students can use YouTube to supplement their learning and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and it's free and accessible to anyone.
Animoto is a video creation website that allows users to create videos quickly and easily. I was able to create a book trailer for one of my favorite novels I read this year in such a short amount of time.
Finally, I was also able to create a QR code, which I had also never done before. Using a smartphone or tablet camera, QR codes can be scanned with open up to different links. This would be a great way to link digital resources such as e-books and library catalogs, book summaries/book trailers, and promote events.
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Cartoons and Comics
For this module, I explored 3 different comic-creating sites - FotoJet, Pixton, and MakeBeliefsComix. Creating comics using these website can be incorporated into the education setting because there are a variety of ways they can be used for learning by the use of creativity. FotoJet was very difficult for me to use and took forever! I got very frustrated using this site. Pixton, on the other hand, was a breeze to use and I would definitely recommend it to any teacher to use in the classroom.