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Meet the designers
Matthew: Is a 14 year old freshmen at Nathan Hale High-school he likes to draw, listen to music and hang out with friends.
Chari: Is a 15 year old freshmen at Nathan Hale High-school she likes singing, rapping, playing basketball and hanging out with friends.
Ella- Is a 14 year old freshmen at Nathan Hale High-school she likes the summer time, hate school, and like her friends
Shamyra: Is a 15 year old freshmen at Nathan Hale High-school, she likes to paint, hang out with her friends, and play volleyball.
Model design principals
In this house some of the principals are things like solar panels, they take sunlight and convert that sunlight into electricity. Proving a light source for the house. There are also widows to better use natural light.
There is also a lot of room in our home for better space
Houses of Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright’s American System Built Homes, first introduced in 1916, with his idea of affordable houses. A house is a great place, it's warm, cozy and can be affordable for anyone at a low cost. Our team of young and talented architects has toured and studied Frank Lloyd Wright homes, putting in different techniques and styles from Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs. With today's problem of people not being able to afford houses, we have put in appliances like solar panels and pre-loved furniture to better incorporate the green home lifestyle. Our design is revamped to the 21st century, also our design offers you an affordable, green home idea that will improve the quality of life of your family. 

how our homes are affordable
How our homes are sustainable
One of the main factors we are trying to address is affordability. In the 1960’s the term “redlining” was used to determine what kind of house you got. It also dictated what type of area you lived in. Redlining was used in a racial way, in these areas it was mainly African America’s, people in these areas were denied loans and any other things they asked for. Our house will also include green building materials that will lower the cost of our houses. In our design we’ll include solar panels, solar panels purpose is to convert whatever sunlight it intakes into electricity. From this you wouldn’t be paying so much for electricity since you can get your own. Also adding low-flow showerheads, these kinds of shower heads are supposed to manage how much you waste water. Managing the price of your water bill. Also we will add in pre-loved furniture, adding pre-loved furniture cuts down on new plastic productions. Making sure to add high-quality materials. 

Another important aspect of our design is sustainability. Our 21st century American System Built homes also improve the quality of life. Our homes will be very comfortable with pre-loved furniture and lots of room to move around. We even add in appliances like the ring doorbells and alexa to control your houses from a far. 

But furthermore our American System Built homes are better than other affordable houses including green housing materials and technology that fits the 21st century style. Also using high quality materials that make the house really spark from the rest, and techniques that make the house look nice.