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7A OLQA 2023-2024

by Bernadette Britt


Bernadette Britts
Open House Portfolio
In Religion we did a project called the I AM Poster. This project was a poster explaining 3 characteristics that relate to my faith and that describe me the best. As you can see I picked faithful, unique, and caring. We also had to add quotes from the bible that related to the 3 words that we used to describe ourselves. I am very proud of this project an I hope you like it!
In Spanish we learned about food items and how to say them in Spanish. For this lesson, we had to create a Spanish menu with all of the different food items that we learned and we had to write them all in Spanish. I hope you enjoy my menu!
In Math, we are currently on Unit 4 and it focuses on ratios, unit rates, and percents. We did a project that was called the "better buy" project. In this project we had to find out if Store A is cheaper or if Store B has cheaper food items. I am proud of this because it required you to do two steps and those two steps are adding and then multiplying. I am also proud because I got it right!
Social Studies
For social studies we had to create a spark video project which is a slideshow and we had to base it off of the Byzantine Empire. I am very proud of this and my parter was Olivia Scagliotti. I had so much fun with this project.