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Key Assignment

by Megan Sharma


The Fairy Princesses and their best friend, Mr. Wolf
Once upon a time, there were two fairy princesses named Emily and Susan. They lived in a pink castle and their favorite food was chocolate cake. Emily and Susan were best friends. Their other best friend, Mr. Wolf lived in a red brick house next to the castle.
One day, Emily, Susan, and Mr. Wolf decided to go on a picnic. A butterfly landed on Susan's head. The butterfly asked to join the picnic on the super sunny day.
And then, during the relaxing picnic, the butterfly stole the bread from Mr. Wolf! The fairy princesses started to cry and Mr. Wolf ran after the butterfly to save the bread.
Mr. Wolf ran and ran and ran. He ran all the way to the meadow where all of the other butterflies lived. He asked the butterfly why she took the bread and she said "I wanted to share with my friends." so Mr. Wolf gave her the bread.
The next day, Mr. Wolf and the fairy princesses invited all of the butterflies for a picnic. They all became friends forever. The end.