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Our fantasy animals

by 2d-class


The Sot
The Sot
Dear reader,

these texts were created by students of the 2D. This was part of our unit "Amazing animals" in English.
Students had to draw their own fantasy animal, then describe them using the new grammer of comparatives and superlatives. Students corrected their handwritten texts and uploaded them with the help of their own tablets. Together with their pictures you can now find out more about our 'fantasy zoo'.

Enjoy these wonderful written works!
Hannah Theissl & Katja Breitegger
(English teachers of the 2D)
The Elephantkoala-Unibear Trunkhorse-Sebast-Defrodo

First of all: The Elephantkoala-Unibear is a mixture of an elephant, koala, a unicorn and a bear. Trunkhorse-Sebast-Defrodo (or T-S-D) has got only one eye. It has six legs and six tails too. It has got two grey koala ears, two dotted wings, a black hat, a long blue trunk and also a small brown mouth with a big smile.It isn’t very hairy, but it has got a mane and lots of stripes.  
When it is not hungry it is pretty slow, but when its baby is in danger it’s extremely fast. With the hat it can jump ten metres high. The ears of the animal hear well from long distance.   
It is a rare pet and pretty silly and often extremely funny. It is perfectly happy and likes parties. Our pet is the most dangerous animal in the world, but you can pet it because it’s very tame. T-S-D is the strongest animal in the world, and it is quite big. Because of its many legs, it can run amazingly fast. But it doesn’t use its skills often. It always takes a teddy bear with it, so that it can sleep wherever it wants to. Every day it is terribly tired and it’s interesting to watch the crazy animal when it sleeps. It is the laziest animal but not the most intelligent one. 
You don’t have to look after it, but you have to wash its hair. We play with it all the time, but we don’t need to take it for a walk. Its favourite games are ballgames. It even started to play basketball! We are also training our pet because we want to fly with it. 
T-S-D eats many plants and insects but it doesn´t eat fruit, leaves, or worms. When it is hungry it can fly. It drinks bubble tea and smoothies, and its favourite food is rainbow cake. It also likes sweets and likes to cook: T-S-D makes the best veggie-pizza. 
A text by: Antonia, Boris, Daniel, David, David K., Dominic, Emilia, Eva, Ferdinand, Gabriela, Josip, Konstantin, Lena-Sophie, Magdalena, Maja, Pavle, Philipp, Sebastian, Simon, Sofie, Tuana, Vanesa