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Make an E-book & a Movie on Asian Pacific American Heroes & Share to the World!

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About the project:
The AAPI Biography project was created by Dr. Jiang Pu, founder of NextGen Education, in summer 2021. She created this project after she learned from the educators that they have read ZERO AAPI biographies during their own K-12 schooling; and that until today very little is taught about AAPI history in the K-12 curriculum.

She designed the curriculum and lesson plans for Grades 3-8 and 9-12, and invited Oliver Chin (author of the book Awesome Asian Americans) , David Siller (author, educator), and Gus B. (professional Videographer & video editor) to teach the classes.

It led to the world's first student-made AAPI Biography online library. Students presented their E-books at a Young Author Event at Santa Clara City Library in May 2022.

Watch a video about this class:
World's first AAPI biography online library made by students
The biographies are taught not only a way to learn about history, but also help
ignite the power of curiosity and motivation as students research, write, and learn about the following:
multimedia creative design
digital publishing
and audience awareness.
Every student will receive a E-handbook designed by Dr. Jiang Pu. It includes a welcome letter, class info, reference, a toolkit with resources and apps.
Lesson 1
Choose an Asian Pacific American Hero for your biography project
Invidualized instruction
Asian Pacific American Heroes
Bruce Lee