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by Leonardo M


The Royal Castle!
By: Leo William Mejia
*Team 6 2021-2022*
How We Express Ourselves
Second Grade
Birney Elementary
To the most favorite teachers and family Ms. R and mom and dad and Andres P.S. hope you love this book
After that do the dishes
Speech Bubble
Once upon a time in a wonderland in Germany, There was a princess with two stepbrothers and one stepsister. They were next to the royal castle where the royal king and queen lived. Their stepbrothers were rude but their stepsister and mother were enjoyable! Until the day the royal castle opened and something happened...
Next Anna was doing the dishes with Hannah, "Hannah and Anna do the laundry!" asked Paul. Hannah and Anna were bummed the dishes smelled like mud from a pond. "I don't like being Paul and Ben's maid," replied Anna. "Do the laundry!" Yelled Paul. Ugh! "Why does this only happen to us!" yelled Anna. "There has to be something we can do."
Suddenly there was a paper in the mail. "Anna opened the door," shouted Ben. "No Ben I will," shouted the stepmother. "The royal king and queen are looking for a husband and wife! for two girls and boys." cheered stepmom. She was happy like a kid on the playground.
"Mom let me be king!" shouted Paul.
Anna was wearing her favorite dress. Anna twirled cutely. Ben was going to eat an apple when. "Ugh! this apple is gross!" he threw his apple at Hannah and Anna. Then Paul threw an orange then Hannah and Anna went outside sobbing.